Create a website

Grow your business website

Grow your Website

Once you have created a website it is important that your website grows!

There are several key parts to ensuring that your website grows.

Actively Update Your Website

It is important that your website remains current and is regularly updated with new information.
To do this, your website needs to have the ability to manage the content yourself.
Your website should also be dynamic and make use of a database to store and retrieve information.

Monitor Your Website

Your website should provide integration with monitoring tools such as Google Anaytics, and Google Web Master Tools.

Make your website found!

The key to a website being found is making sure your website is search engine friendly and accessible.
Your website should provide links to any relevant social media sites and should also allow visitors to your website to publish or promote your website using social media.

Upgrade Your Website

As your business grows and evolves over time, it is important that your website does the same.
You should consider upgrading your website to reflect your business growth.
Consider including new website add-ons, or providing advanced content to improve your website.